BAM to redevelop Somerset school

25 October 2013 11:50 - BAM Construct UK Ltd
Somerset school

Hemel Hempstead, 25 October 2013 - BAM Construction is to create new buildings for Penrose School in Somerset, working in collaboration with Penrose School, Somerset County Council and Futures for Somerset. The contractor will demolish the existing single-storey school buildings in Bridgwater and replace them with modern facilities over two floors.

The 1,300 sq m building will provide a more comfortable and better equipped learning environment for the school’s pupils, who have a range of special educational needs. BAM will also convert an existing building on the site into a nursery, which will be connected to the school.
Significant landscaping works will be carried out to make the sloping site more suitable for the pupils using it. This will include a winding 70m-long path down the slope to improve accessibility.

BAM will provide modern, fit-for-purpose spaces in which to teach and learn. Classrooms will perform better acoustically and thermally, and there will be improved security, car parking and drainage to the site.

Entrance viewProject manager Graham Holt said: ‘This is a very rewarding project to be involved in, and will significantly improve the day-to-day lives of pupils and teachers at Penrose School. We will work hard to ensure this scheme benefits the wider community, economy and environment as well as giving pupils suitable modern learning facilities.’

BAM is due to start on site in October half-term 2013 with completion in October 2014.

During the construction period, pupils will be decanted into accommodation on the nearby Robert Blake and Elmwood schools site as well refurbished buildings on the Chilton Trinity School site.

BAM Construction worked on both sites under the Bridgwater Schools scheme, and sister company BAM FM is refurbishing a building at Chilton Trinity to accommodate Penrose pupils.