Nuttall/Ascon joint venture secures Dublin to Lissenhall motorway contract

1 October 2000 16:50 - BAM Nuttall Ltd

A joint venture between Edmund Nuttall Ltd and HBG Ascon Ltd has been awarded a contract worth £21.3 million by Fingal County Council to construct a 6.5 kilometre section of motorway between Dublin Airport and Lissenhall in Ireland.

The scheme is the first phase of the Northern Motorway, which will form part of the European Route EO1, which will run between Rosslare and Larne.

The work consists of 6.5 kilometres of two-lane motorway with associated bridge works, pavement, drainage and earthworks. The scheme also includes a major estuary crossing at Broadmeadow, located to the north east of Swords. This will be a five span twin deck bridge with a maximum span of 69 metre and an overall length of 313 metres. In addition two interchanges, four crossings and a new underbridge will be constructed along the length of the motorway.

The project will take 138 weeks to complete.

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