SITA’s ReEnergy, a modern waste-to-energy plants in Europe, opens in Roosendaal

14 October 2011 12:34 - Royal BAM Group nv

(Press release BAM, Hitachi Zosen Inova and SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT:) Roosendaal, the Netherlands, 14 October 2011 - Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, opened SITA’s ReEnergy waste-to-energy plant in Roosendaal today. He did this alongside Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and CEO of GDF SUEZ; Christophe Cros, who is responsible for the environment-related activities of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and is CEO of SITA France; and Adriaan Visser, CEO of SITA Benelux and Germany. The ReEnergy plant is one of the most modern waste-to-energy plants in Europe.

ReEnergy leads the way when it comes to environmental performance. With a treatment capacity of 291,000 tons a year, the plant can process municipal and commercial waste and generate 275,000 MWh of electricity annually, supplying 70,000 households. ReEnergy also supplies heat to greenhouses nearby, saving approximately 3.5 million m³ of natural gas. The waste-to-energy plant required an investment of €200 million.

The state-of-the-art plant meets the strictest European regulations concerning useful application and energy efficiency, especially the Waste Framework Directive R1 formula concerning power plant efficiency.

Herman Van Rompuy underlined the importance of achieving the sustainable development goals the European Union has set for 2020: ‘The scarcity of raw materials requires us to increase the possibilities of extracting energy from alternative and renewable energy sources, such as waste. Modern waste management generates cost savings, while reducing pressure on the environment. This is the very foundation of a circular economy which involves maintaining a balance between economic growth and sustainable development.’

With this new installation, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT continues to develop waste-to-energy plants throughout Europe in order to meet recovery requirements in a more effective fashion. This has changed SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s position as a resource supplier to one as an administrator of the chain of scarce resources like water and the materials we can recover from waste.

Speaking on behalf of the BAM – Hitachi Zosen Inova consortium, Mr M. Furukawa, Chairman en President Hitachi Zosen Corporation, praised the cooperation between SITA ReEnergy and the consortium. At the end of his speech, Mr Furukawa and Mr R.P. van Wingerden, member Executive Board Royal BAM Group, presented Mr Visser and Mr Van der Meer of SITA with a model of the plant for educational purposes. BAM was involved in the building systems (BAM Techniek), the power generation systems (Fabricom) and civil engineering (BAM Civiel).
SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT in the Benelux and Germany

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has operations in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands run by local SITA subsidiaries, which employ nearly 7,700 people in these countries. In 2010, SITA Germany & Benelux contributed €1.5 billion to the Group’s consolidated turnover.

In Germany, SITA collects waste from almost 10 million people and more than 55,000 commercial and industrial customers. The company processes more than 1.4 million tonnes of waste. The Group’s activities are concentrated in the western part of Germany (particularly its waste collection services for municipalities and its selective collections) and in Leipzig and environs, with its own waste-to-energy plant in Zorbau. In October 2010, SITA Deutschland became the sole shareholder of BellandVision GmbH, a German company specialising in services and permits related to the reuse of packaging for industrial companies and retail businesses.

In the Netherlands, SITA’s activities cover the entire cycle of waste management. The Group collects the waste produced by nearly 1.6 million people and over 82,000 commercial and industrial customers. SITA processes nearly 1.5 million tons of waste. Since 2010, SITA has held a stake in a new processing plant: the EVI waste-to-energy plant on the border between the Netherlands and Germany.

In Belgium, SITA is one of the most important waste management companies in the country, with a strong position particularly in industrial and commercial waste. In 2010, SITA collected waste from nearly 5 million people and more than 51,000 commercial and industrial customers in Belgium.

Royal BAM Group

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The Group ranks among the largest construction companies in Europe. BAM has top market positions in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. One of BAM’s prominent features is its widespread regional network of offices, meaning that the company is always close to its clients. BAM offers its clients various substantial packages of products and services in the home markets. The Group undertakes specialist construction and civil engineering projects in niche markets worldwide. The Group’s consultancy and engineering company provides services to global clients with their international operations.

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Hitachi Zosen Corporation

Hitachi Zosen Corporation is an internationally operating Japanese industrial enterprise specialising in environmental protection, industrial plant, precision and industrial machinery, marine disaster prevention, structural steelwork and construction machinery.

With some 350 employees in Switzerland, and more than 400 installed plants worldwide, Hitachi Zosen Inova is a leading global technology provider and contractor in the field of Energy from Waste facilities. It offers customised plant sections and turn-key plants, covering planning, design and engineering, construction and operation, as well as maintenance and overhaul of Energy from Waste plants.